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Fun on the Water

Do you like to swim? Do you like to go fishing? How about paddling, hiking, picnicking or camping?

There’s no end to the fun things you can do on the water. And it’s no surprise that millions of people—from all over the United States and even from around the world—enjoy recreational activities on TVA reservoirs each year.

In the summer, when there’s less risk of flooding, TVA keeps reservoir levels up for these and other fun activities.

TVA also operates campgrounds, picnic areas and boat launching ramps around its reservoirs. Chances are, there’s one near you. Find out here.

photo of people running rapids in a raft

You can have a lot of fun below TVA dams, too! TVA releases water from reservoirs on the Ocoee River in southeast Tennessee so people can ride rafts and kayaks through the exciting twists and turns of this magnificent river. The Ocoee is so famous people came from all over the world during the 1996 Olympics to watch canoeing and kayaking competitions there.

Water released from TVA dams also provides opportunities for whitewater recreation on other rivers, including the Hiwassee River in southeast Tennessee, the Watauga River in northeast Tennessee, the Elk River in middle Tennessee and the Bear Creek Floatway in northwest Alabama.

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